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Perspective aerial photography (aerial photograph) - a unique opportunity to see the "volume" is not only interesting part of the earth's surface, but large expanses of adjacent land, which is quite advantageous, for example, the sale of cottage building, where you can show potential clients the local attractions in the form of churches, ancient buildings, recreational areas, etc.
Very often the customer wishes to pay special attention to neighborhoods, local attractions, which are always present in the vicinity.

Perspective aerial photographyPerspective view
panoramic viewaerial photo
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OBLIQUE aerial photography carried out on the perimeter of the object with the most favorable angles and several heights, as, for example, from a height of 100 meters you will consider the individual elements with a small adjoining territory, and from a height of 500 meters will have a significant coverage that allows you to plan your communication or road.

OBLIQUE aerial photographyaerophotoaerial view
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OBLIQUE aerial photographypanoramaaerial surveyperspective aerial survey
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